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Good Times, Issue 880, Jan.27 - Feb.9, 2004

Written by Dan Brown; this article appeared in Good Times, January 27 - February 9, 2004.

ED RYAN: "Make It So" (Independent)

  Ed Ryan is an unusual blend of unbridled cynic and hopeless romantic. In the title track, the writer declares, "I'm sick of all the heartache and pain" and declares "Holy Moses someone's sleeping on the job." But just when you think that Ryan has pulled all his tricks from the John Lennon book of dark observation, he throws you a complete curve with a McCartney-esque tug at the heartstrings. "Angel Of Mercy" finds Ryan captured by a "new found love, that beats like a drum". The ballad
builds with each verse, then ends with an exclamation point as strong as the vocal in the classic ballad "Unchained Melody".

  The writing is insightful and the musicianship serves the dual purpose of moving the listener and creating an atmosphere that brings us fully into the moods and themes expressed in the lyrics. The last, but perhaps most important ingredient in Ryan's formula is his voice, a powerful midrange that lifts you off your seat during upbeat rock numbers, and pushes all the right buttons in love songs.

  There are many layers to Ed Ryan, and although there are a full 16 tracks on this disc, one gets the feeling that we've only scratched the surface in getting to know this complicated writer.

  Go to www.ed-ryan.com and find out about getting your hands on this one.
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Photo Album Press Releases About Ed Links
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